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May The Midnight Chevrolet Trax Be With You

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Chevrolet decided to jump onto the Star Wars bandwagon with their own Darkside…Midnight Edition Trax. They are legally prohibited from calling their 2016 Trax the Darkside edition but you can still see that it’s drawn inspiration from the popular sci-fi saga. We’ve seen the impala, Silverado, and Colorado offered in a “Midnight Edition” and now Chevy’s Trax will follow suit.

If you’re hoping for a performance upgrade in the Midnight edition then you better look elsewhere because it’s actually a subtly changed LTZ Trax at a $500 premium on top of the LTZ’s base price of $26,125.

What you do get is a special Black Granite Metallic exterior paint covering the body, everything from the metal body panels to the beltline moldings will be painted black for that Dark side feel. Even the 18-inch alloy wheels found on the standard LTZ trim is blacked out.

On the inside, the Midnight Edition’s leather seats are colored in a two-tone black with grey accents and the floors mats also feature gray piping.

The 2016 Chevy Midnight Trax will go on sale in February for $26,625 (destination charge included), will you be in line?
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It isn't going to be with me, its hard enough keeping a bright color car looking clean, black is near impossible.
I do like the seats but the wheels can be easily plasti dipped at a lower cost and black isn't the best color for my city though no color can stand up to the winter dirt. Dust in the other months will be very prominent on black, good concept but it doesn't seem to popular.
It looks great but I just don't care enough to spend the extra few hundred dollars on it. I mean, it's black. We are buying black.
You could always get great looking leather seat covers if the leather turns you on that much, me I would prefer the comfort of sitting on cloth year round.

I paid extra to get microfiber inserts on my corvette because I knew they would be more comfortable in the summer when I drive that car.

Leather looks nice and care is almost nothing, but in hot and cold conditions its a real pain in the ass.
Very true. In Canada we get those extremes so its a bit of a pain.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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