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Cleaning middle air vents above radio.

If you ever need to thoroughly clean these here's how.

My new radio bezel didn't come with air vents or spring clips, you're suppose to recover these from the old one. I want to be able to return to the MyLink quickly if I needed to so I went to the Junkyard and picked one up. It was broken and had a few missing parts but all the parts I needed were there. It was free but dirty.

When I got home I took it apart to clean it, all the blades come out individually so you can do a good job. So if you ever spill something or splash pop or you are just fussy about having those clean here are a few pictures.

Remove the bezel, start at the bottom clip and work your way up.

Two 7mm screws hold the vent assembly to the bezel and a few press fit clips.

Then 2 clips on each side hold the blades in place.

You can also separate each blade, they are numbered on the corners so you can't mix them up L1,L2,L3 & L4 for left vent and R1,R2,R3 & R4 for right vent

Then I put it all back together nice and clean an inserted it into my new radio bezel.

I will now recover all the spring clips from the back of the salvage piece and I will be all set.

Hope this helps someone down the road.

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