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Picked up my 2016 Trax LTZ last week and really enjoying the vehicle. I was looking forward to using the USB port as my primary music source, but I am a little disappointed by the way it works.

I loaded up a new high speed USB stick with about 1400 tracks, some photos and a few short videos. About 11GB on a 32GB stick. The folder path is basic: Music>Artist>AlbumTitle>TrackTitle. Functionality works fine, but here is the issue. First, when you start the vehicle, the USB stick uploads it's data. Not sure if it's only indexing, or the entire 11GB loads. It does this whether or not the stick was removed (I leave it plugged in all the time). That usually take between 30-50 seconds. That's not a big issue. But it becomes a problem each time you park and restart your Trax.

Let say I am playing John Lennon's Imagine, listening to Jealous Guy. The track is 4:17 long, and I get to the Post Office to drop off a letter when it's at about 3:00 into the track. Five minutes later I get back into my vehicle and fire it back up. Jealous Guy starts playing again, right where it left off, after MyLink boots up, maybe 5-7 seconds (note that the USB stick is still reloading in the background). While I'm pulling out onto the avenue the song ends, sound goes silent, and the display jumps back to the USB music selection screen. I tap Artists and John Lennon is highlighted (small arrow to the left). I tap Lennon and the Imagine album is highlighted. I tap Imagine and the last track I listened to is highlighted. I select the next track and music starts playing again. And it will continue, jumping through tracks, till I turn off the vehicle. Haven't taken a long enough trip to know if it will automatically jump to the next album or artist. But even playing through all the tracks in the selected album would be really nice.

Question: Is this normal behavior? I have a 12-15 minute commute to work. So 2-3 songs. I run errands to Home Depot, Publix, Staples, all one song trips each way. Because of this glitch, I'm constantly tapping the screen. Very distracting. MyLink already knows the last track I was listening to after it reloads data from the USB stick. So why can't it pickup where it left off. Knowing how infrequently devices like this get updated, I have little hope this will be corrected before I trade my Trax in maybe 6 to 8 years. Another little frustration is that music is sorted alphabetically, rather than by track number. That's just dumb. Finally, album art show on some songs and not others. I've taken a close look at each songs ID tag and can't find anything different from one artists album to another. Have also compared image sizes, etc., and can't find anything that works every time. It's a mystery. Has anyone found a way around any of these little glitches?
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