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Need help

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We just purchased a 2015 trax and love it however when reading the manual I saw a tow hook was supposed to be included with the spare tire jack ect but it was not the dealer was quick to order me one I received it and I popped off the front and rear little panels on the bumper where it is supposed to screw into however there is nothing just a foam cut out I'm wondering from the rest of the track owners if there's is the same or if I'm missing something we really need a emergency tow method we live in northern mn and get a lot of snow in the winter thank you.
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I Have never heard of a hook on either our old 2013 or the new 2015, I think it was put there for export reasons for tying down on a ship, as these are sold over the world and built in Mexico. Thanks for the heads up, now I have to look into it more closely.
Yes, I was told the same. Those square covers are only there to secure vehicle during shipping, not a pull / tow anchor point.
Well, in this part of the world it is just the contrary.
The tow eye bolt screws in the crossmember behind the bumper, some cars they are left treaded, and even there is notices and cautions to NOT FASTEN the car to a trailer using the tow eye bolt. To use the designated anchoring holes in the under frame.
I will check my Trax, and see if the treads for the bolt are behind the panel.
You may want to ask your dealer to install it if you're not quite sure where it goes.
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