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New 2015 LT AWD

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Just bought this in Blaze Red. :) Was previously driving a Ford Fiesta but wanted something a bit bigger as I am married with a 2 year old & the car size was starting to make us feel cramped on drives any longer than a few mins away. Seems like a great subcompact suv, despite the mediocre reviews I keep seeing online when comparing them to similar in-class vehicles with better engines, better transmissions, nicer materials & interior design, etc. :( Honestly, the less than stellar reviews I have been reading make me question if I have made a good decision. No one to blame but myself, as all things should have been researched and considered BEFORE buying, not after. But I have some personal reasons why I needed to buy a new vehicle and make the decision pretty quickly. So, having liked it when I saw it & test drove it, & because I got good rebates (2015 model, buying in 2016), I bought it.

1st tried the fwd, but preferred the feel of the AWD version when I actually drove it around. The car salesman said I wouldn't notice any difference in handling, but I feel I do. Maybe it's just the added weight or weight distribution I am sensing in how the AWD feels & behaves on the road vs the fwd. This may be because I'm used to driving so much lower to the ground and not as high up? For whatever reason(s), the AWD somehow feels sturdier, heavier, and more controlled. I drove nearly an hour in the rain in each, & I feel the difference was like night & day. So, needless to say, I ended up chosing the AWD. This very morning I had the opportunity to drive it to work in snow & slush-covered roads and it performed beautifully.

On another note, consistent with what some reviewers say about the actual ride, it seems to drive smoother than what I thought it would. It does feel a bit more punchy at times than I am used to. (As previously stated, I am used to being low to the ground in an extremely small car, all while having a very smooth ride.) But ALL vehicles feel differently & have their own little quirks & hiccups when driving them, so this is probably just the fact that I have only driven it two days and I am not used to this particular vehicle yet. Once I get used to how it behaves, driving something else will probably feel And I'm sure you shouldn't compare the feel and handling of a compact car on the road to a crossover/subcompact suv-type vehicle (or, for that matter, compare any vehicle to another vehicle not in its class).

I will also say that so far I absolutely LOVE driving it. I actually enjoy driving again. I had forgotten that this is something you can actually enjoy, not just a chore or a (sometimes cumbersome) part of life (i.e.-something you have to do to get to work everyday). Part of this I'm sure is the high seating and design that kind of gives you that open-air, panoramic-style view. So maybe I shouldn't give a crap about what the "experts" long as it meets the needs of me & my family and I enjoy driving it.

Would love some encouragement from any Trax owners that are extremely satisfied with their vehicle (and the financial investment it represents) and can share!
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Not much more we can say, you said it for us. You now have a little more room, and seems to have met your various expectations. perhaps a few accessories ( splash guards, stone shield and tint etc... Congratulations, enjoy the Trax like the rest of us do.
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I bought mine last march as the winter was just giving up its grip on us I started driving another car I had and left the trax in the garage until fall.
(mine is the same color as yours victory red)
At first I thought it was a mistake but the more I drove it the more I liked it.

Fast forward to winter I only used it in the snow once this year because we have been having a wonderful winter but that time it performed great I did mount snows for it I think it could have got on well without them.

My gas miles went down from 30+, but still at 27 mpg I'm pleased with the results.

I think the trax gets on very well for the small engine, mine has no problems making enough power to make me happy, it not the corvette I'm used to but what do you want for the money.
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The problem with critics are, they want the best options, the best and biggest engine and the best handling package, with no regards to cost or longterm problems. If they had their way, we would be driving Toyota Landcrusiers, corollas, prius, sentras, or any german car. If you read the sports car magazines in the USA, all you read about is HELLCat engine and nothing else matters, on big Pickup trucks, the diesel option, nothing else matters to them. The point is, we strive for the best value and for what we can afford as well as what works for you.

One note on the AWD Trax, its only awd at startup, when it moves past 4 mph or so, it will revert to fwd and stay there, unless it still detects wheel slippage, otherwise its the old slip and grip system.

Good luck on your fine purchase
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Congrats, welcome to the forum!
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Very true about critics UrbanSuburban. And thank you all for the welcome.
By the way, how are you liking its get-up-and-go on highway and roadways when taking over other vehicles and moving from a stand still? I heard it can be lacking, but that of course depends on past experience.
Ignore my previous post. This is her husband, I posted that as a joke.
James-yes I would agree it is lacking in this area. It seems slow to accelerate from stopped &, in general, doesn't have smooth transitions in the lower gears. Feels like it's working hard to get going at first & sometimes there is a slight bump/jolt when shifting in and out of the lowers. Still getting used to this. But once I speed up and it's in higher gears (cruising speed) it hits its stride & is smooth-sailing. Hubby has a Trailblazer & he says his performs similarly. Have driven Ford Fiesta, Tempo (back in the day), Taurus, Focus & Mustang and never felt transitions like this in the lower gears. Maybe a Chevy thing? (meaning in engine/trans design & function, more than a hp/torque thing?)
I've noticed the slight jerking of the vehicle too when shifting into gears when I first start driving it, but it goes away quickly and I don't always notice it. My last Honda Fit used to shake when shifting into different gears too and it was much more noticeable.
I like the power mine has, but I think the transmission could take better advantage of the power it has

The transmission could use a little re-programming, I think it holds the gears too long and doesn't upshift quickly enough to take advantage of the power the engine has.

I have a Diablo programmer that I used to use on my corvette, some day I will see if I can help the shifts.
I have front wheel--The trax seems light-wondering if added weight in back would help in snow
Yes a little weight will make feel better in snowy and wet conditions, it is a light weight vehicle compared to most suv's

If you can add the weight on the rear floor midway in the vehicle, on the rear floor is the best place I have found, it spreads the weight evenly.

The weight is also good if its useful, like a 50 lb bag of sand the kids can play with in the spring, or come in handy if you get stuck somewhere, 50 lb bags of Salt will work on your driveway if you really need it also.

I would put whatever you get in a black plastic garbage bag it will help hide it and safe guard your car if the bag has a leak of salt or sand.

Another consideration is water bag, I have a larger model that I use in pickup trucks for extra weight it holds 450 lbs of water, this is great if you don't have metered water, you can fill and drain all winter long, with salt and sand you are hauling around weight using more fuel

This is a smaller bag for cars

I would use this with the rear seats down up close to the front seats, bags of salt or sand on the rear floor are a much better option if you use your rear seats.
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Hi Skott2215, welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your purchase. It sounds like you are really enjoying the Trax. I have to agree with you on everything you said, some if not most critics have biased opinions regarding domestic brands. Imports are incredibly praised, while brands like Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler are immensely frowned upon and dismissed for whatever reason they can come up with. While I do understand there is history behind some of their reasoning, sometimes companies change, and they change for the better.

I myself am a Chevrolet guy, and my sentiment only grew stronger after my 2011 Camaro LT RS purchase. The brand has been changing radically, but in order to remain affordable it does have to scale back when it comes to fit-and-finish, among other things.

I purchased my 2015 Trax LS FWD back in January...went to three dealerships to test-drive three different Trax's, an AWD LS, a FWD LT, and my FWD LS. I felt the AWD was a bit too heavy, the LT FWD was too expensive for my budget, but the FWD LS was just perfect. It might just be me, but I've started using Premium gas on my Trax and have noticed better acceleration, as well as better fuel economy (by about two points). This could just be me though!

I really love my Trax, and unlike with my other vehicle purchases, I've never regretted buying the Trax. The Chevrolet Trax has everything I ever wanted in a car, it's roomy, fast, and has high-ground clearance. I love sitting high-up while driving! It's also my little gas-saver, and for the price, it has more than what most other cars have with a staggering price-tag attached to them. I absolutely enjoy driving it around town, and sometimes going into the city with friends or family, I don't do that much as I want to keep the mileage relatively low. But one thing's for sure, it just feels amazing to drive it, nothing compares to it.
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Premium fuel does help the Trax/Buick run better and get better fuel mileage, I run Exxon 93 in both of my cars.

I get around 29 with the Buick, at this time of the year with cold conditions, I constantly get 40+ with my Miata.

I think warming up the turbo, an then cooling it down helps preserve the life of the turbo, premium fuel makes that little 1.4 a little quicker, more fun to drive.
Hi beeguz, I'm glad it's just not me seeing this. I run Shell V-Power NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline in the Trax, and I get about 32 or 35 combined, which is more than the 29 advertised for this model (I believe it's 26 city and 34 highway with 29 combined). I believe I'm getting around 30 or 31 combined now that the weather is colder, however, since you mentioned warming up the turbo...I have a question for you.

I've asked the Service Techs at my dealership about warming up the Trax in the morning, specially with temperatures like the ones we are currently experiencing in the Illinois area. This morning it was about -15, and tomorrow it'll probably be -25 or -30...they've mentioned the max I should warm up the Trax is 5 minutes and then just be on my way. They claim there is a ware-and-tare issue if you idle these newer vehicles for too long. I ignored that this morning, and I started the Trax and left it idled for 10 minutes so it would be warm and comfortable inside, and also because I worry about it being too cold.

So, do you think it's better to warm it up when it's too cold, or do you think I should just let it idle for about 5 minutes and then go?
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Just bought this in Blaze Red. :)
Yes, I have a blaze red (or Victory Red) one too and the only red one in town. And the Trax/Encore is a bestseller here in town too. Despite average reviews it seems GM cannot make enough Traxes/Encores.

So, do you think it's better to warm it up when it's too cold, or do you think I should just let it idle for about 5 minutes and then go?[/quote]

I let mine warm up but my car is parked in a garage so what I do is while I'm in my kitchen getting ready to put on my coat I start the car by the time I get to the garage the car might be running for about 2 to 3 minutes.

My garage isn't heated but it stays fairly warm, my car thermometer this morning said the 49 degrees its was 14 outside when I left the house.

People who know turbo's (at the Buick Regal Turbo site) tell me the best thing you can do with a turbo is let them run a bit before you start moving the car, let them cool down before you shut off the car.

Its all about oiling keeping the turbo bearings protected, once the bearings wear the turbo is on its way out, but doing these little turbo tricks helps make the turbo last as long as the car in some cases.

The turbo is driven by your exhaust which gets very hot, letting a little oil run through it before shutting down is a good idea.

I tried finding a system (Turbo Smart) for the Trax or Encore that would allow the car to continue running until the turbo cooled but there isn't anything out there yet. This Turbo Smart is used by the guys who build racing turbo engines this system runs on until the turbo is cooled down.

If it wasn't a good idea to do that the Euclid I used to drive wouldn't have ran on after you shut the key off.
I was also encouraged to let the truck idle for 5 minutes before I shut off the ignition, it still ran on until the turbo cooled on its own.
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Yes, I have a blaze red (or Victory Red) one too and the only red one in town. And the Trax/Encore is a bestseller here in town too. Despite average reviews it seems GM cannot make enough Traxes/Encores.
They had to go out of town 150+ miles away to get my red 1LT Trax, no one had a red Trax close by, now they are red Trax all over.

I saw a loaded up LTZ in red with 18" wheels wide tires, at the dealer where I bought my Trax, the LTZ really looked great in red.
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