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11 March 2016
Purchased 2016 Trax LT Crimson Metallic

18 March 2016
Lookup roof rack cross rails on, web-site quotes $275.03 CAD. Call 3 dealerships in Halifax NS Canada to get price of $352 CAD (after giving VIN to determine which ones are required). Call dealership in Fredericton NB Canada, and quoted $298 (doesn't ask for VIN, had to remind them that there are two designs), then says yes $352 but will honour $298 price. Have to order.

19 March 2016
Temperature drops below -2 C, Infotainment System screen displays white., no sound. Temperature increases above 0 C, works fine.

20 March 2016
Following a stop on a road trip, Infotainment System displays white screen again. Luckily started working again after the next stop.

21 March 2016
Infotainment System continues to display white screen, call dealer in Halifax to make an appointment

23 March 2016
Temperature above 0 C, take car to appointment. Infotainment System works fine. Dealer says no issue as no "Codes" reported.

24 March 2016
Temperature below -2 C, drive car straight to dealer with Infotainment System displaying white screen. They agree to replace radio. Radio ordered, 5-12 days estimated delivery.

25-27 March 2016
Temperature continues to vary below and above 0 C, so Infotainment System continuing to be very inconvenient.

26 March 2016
Install Roof Rack Cross Rails.

So far, I am not overly impressed with this vehicle.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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