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New Chevy Trax owner-need lock in gas cap

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Hi all.
I purchased a 2015 chevy trax base model just over a week ago.
It does not come equipped with a lock in gas cap or a lock door to access cap.
I HAVE to have a lock in gas cap, due to previous issues of vandalism to my previous vehicle.
The salesmen put a lock in gas cap that I purchased from Canadian Tire on my car for me on the day I bought it.
The check engine light came on exactly 6 days from pick up..
I brought it to dealership this past weekend and they said I have to put the gas cap that came with the car on OR it will continue to have check engine light on.
They reset the code, and I put my locking cap back on for fear of vandalism.
2 days later the check engine light is back on, terrible gas mileage, engine is making a terrible noise. Today my car almost stalled at a stop.
I called dealership, again they said all of my problems will be solved when I put the factory cap on.
Does anyone know if they make a locking gas cap or there is a way I can put a lock on the door to the gas cap?
Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you in advance
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Does your dealership not have a OEM gas cap they can give you?
There are 2 kinds of gas caps that I know of, vented and non vented, if the cap you bought is vented take it back exchange it for a non vented.
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