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Hi, people.
A week ago I bought a new Chevrolet Trax from our one and only certified dealer in Moldova.
They were liquidating stocks of new cars produced in 2015-2016 at very good prices.
And... they are so certified that they couldn't decode the standart and optional equipment of my car by VIN.
I insisted but they were evasive(it's confidential info they said))) and I contacted executive president of GM Korea Jina Hwang :x with this message:

"Hello, Jina.
I recently bought a new Chevrolet Trax from the one and only Chevrolet dealer in Moldova.
They were liquidating stocks of 2015-2016. I bought the LT+ version, but the dealer couldn't get me the
whole specification of the vehicle. I insisted, but they were a little bit evasive, so I didn't press on them more.
The car has everything I need and more, but I would like to know the exact specification decoded by VIN number.
The VIN number is KL1BA7684FB226737 and I tried to decode it on several sites but with no positive result. Please, see attached pictures.
So I decided to write directly to GM Korea cause I know the Trax is assembled in Korea.
Please, direct this message to the competent person or department.
Thank You, best regards."

And I surely got no VIN decoded >:D, and more - she didn't even bothered to confirm the reception of my mail.
I waited several days and contacted GM support in US. After a long dialog I was redirected to GM media archive that obviously can't decode my VIN, simply cause it's not of their competence. Today in the morning I wrote another respectful message to GM Korea to another e-mail contact I managed to find on their web page that is completely in korean language. Still no answer or even confirmation that the message was received. :(

Guys, if there is anyone here competent to access GM or dealer DB with VIN decoding function please, help me to decode the vin of my Chevy Trax and get the standart and optional equipment as from factory:

Thank you)))


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