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6.5 is the depth of the wheel in inches. J is the bead profile. 16 is the diameter. ET is offset. This shows 2 different numbers for offset for 205/70R16. I found another site that shows this information. Unfortunately, I cannot find that page again. Other pages I've seen don't provide this measurement.
1. Is this millimeters? 2. Any thoughts about how to find which one I have without removing the tire and wheel? (Additionally, I don't have a tape measure that has millimeters.) 3. How much is this going to matter if some places provide this and others don't. 4. It is a basic daily driver in Minnesota. No plans for wheel spacers. Upgraded calipers, pads, and rotors may be an option in the future. Thanks.

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The off set is 38 mm. I am running an 18 rim with an off set of 42 mm with no issues.
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