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Hi everyone. I've seen loads of photos on the forum but never see a Trax with painted wells. I've done this to every car I ever owned and it sure gets a lot of positive remarks along the way. Painted wells really "pop" the wheels and overall appeal.
With the right paint cleaning has never been a problem - just a pressure head (not pressure washer) on a garden hose and everything's good again.
Over time I've found that ACE Chrome Aluminum paint does the best job. The ACE Metallic Aluminum is not as effective and darkens quickly. Apply by brush and take your time with the cuts near the wheel well trim. You'll have enough left over for the life of the car, maybe re-paint every few years.

The Chrome Aluminum would go great with grey, black and red cars in my opinion. It really does show off the wheel and tire.

Any comments or questions welcome. If you're not a member I don't mind an email to [email protected].
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