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Power Hatch closer

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2015 Trax, sister in law is seeking an easy way to close the hatch. She uses a walker and when placed in the rear she's having difficulty closing the hatch. Has anyone converted the hatch to be powered closing? If, so could you provide detail? TIA ;)
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On our last car the wife had trouble closing the hatch, She has bad shoulders and could not reach up to get hold of it, I attached a rope with a T handle so that she could get it down far enough to be able to get it closed. Just make sure the handle gets tossed inside or you look silly with a wagging tail.
Its strange that a lift gate that go's as high as a Trax opens doesn't have a strap of some kind.

I'm not a very tall, a strap would help pull the door down a little to get hold of the door better.

I might have to look into making and attaching a strap, it would be nice if you could stop the door at the height needed, like you can on a Ford.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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