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Remote starter

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I'm buying a 2015 Trax LS, I was wondering if it comes with remote start and if not how much would cost to add this feature. And also the fog lights.

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I Thought it could be added and used through mylink?
I thought it came standard?
Here's a guide on how to do it.
When I was buying my LT in march of 2015, I know the LS didn't come with remote start standard that was why I bought the LT.

I added the fog lights to mine I bought them off ebay the kit was 65, I only added them to make the vehicle look nicer I hated the black block out panels.
I don't see it on the options list so I guess you can't add it to the LS trim.
You can always add remote start it isn't as difficult, the aftermarket has them as well as the dealer.

I would go with the GM unit, but if they can't do it, try an electronics store or someone that installs higher end radios in your area.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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