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Replacing 194LL or W5W with LED

There are multiple kinds of LED replacement out there for different use but if you just want to replace the existing 194LL with a whiter light and not necessarily a lot brighter I have found as close to a perfect replacement as I think possible.

These are almost the exact same size as the bulb but are still polarity dependant. Probably not enough room for a bridge rectifier on the circuit board. They are flanked with LEDs on both sides. They are also very cheap to buy. They work well when size and length matters.

I got these on

I will show pictures of each one 2 inches from the LUX meter at X10 scale, these should all read between 1000 and 4000 lux even if they advertise more.

A 194LL gives out the lowest intensity at 1000 Lux/2"

This one

Almost double @ 1860 Lux/2"

This one is over 4 times

This one was the brightest but is a dual flank and sends barely any light from the end.

This one although only 3 times as bright has 2 LED on the end and produces light all the way around, but I found these not very reliable or durable.

This is also a very good replacement but more money...

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