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Reverse rear brake noise

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I've bought a second hand chevy trax a couple of days ago (1y. old 20k km) 1.6 petrol MT and immediately noticed that the rear brakes "howl" when braking lightly whilst backing up.

Called up the dealer about this they claim it's because of the brake pads wearing from 99.9% forward braking and then producing this noise when you do haappen to brake in reverse, and that it has something to do with the brake bads being at a 5 degree angle.

Anyone else have any experience with this?

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Howl, from a bad drum face ?? Rear drum brakes generally self adjust when brakes are applied in reverse. Try applying the brakes harder in reverse a few times to help verify brake adjustment rather than softly applying them all the time. Perhaps there is some corrosion on the drum face, brake shoe is wearing unevenly ? Have you taken the tires off and looked at the inside of drum and brake shoe wear ? Most dealers will perform a free brake inspection, that way you will know what the issue is.
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I think what Pro suggest you do is what mechanics do when "breaking-in" brakes, so chances are that could 'correct' them if correcting is whats needed, if not, sounds like a trip to a dealer is in order.
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