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Who said that the chrome is behind the times and won't ever return to the big road? Here at CARiD, we have several facts that will convince you of the contrary.

RI craftsmen know for sure, how to create stylish, yet functional products, so no surprise, their 2 in 1 window visors are the must have accessories.

For those of you who are not fans of classics and retro looks, we offer a dark smoke visors, which will add more sleek look to your ride and guarantee maximum sun and

wind protection to you and your passengers.

RI® - Window Visors

Which color is yours: classic chrome or modern smoke?

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I have never been concerned with wind or water getting in through the windows. Is this a solution for a problem that does not exist?
I worked for one of the larger manufacturers of these in the states long ago. One of the biggest advantage is when you car is parked in the heat. Cracking the windows just a bit does a LOT to lower the heat inside. Also if it is raining out you can still open your windows a touch to clear the insides of the glass from fogging up. I have a set on my Trax now and love them.
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