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Roof rack/crossbars

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Looking to get some crossbars for my 2016 Trax and would love recommendations from someone who has already gotten them and had a positive experience. I've been doing a little research myself and the reviews for what I've looked at so far are all over the map depending on the model of vehicle.

I'd rather just hear from someone else who has a Trax and found something that fits well.

FYI--really just looking to throw a 12' canoe up there.

I should add, it does already have the raised side rails (maybe that is standard but...just wanted to add it in case)

Thanks all!
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I went with the GM ones that are available from the Chevrolet dealer and I like them a lot. They fit perfectly, look really good, and seem to be sturdy and well-made.
I have a set for sale, bought from the Chevy dealer send me a PM
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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