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Hi there. We've just recently purchased a new 2018 Trax LT and I need a service manual. I've contacted Helm and unfortunately they don't have any ready to ship yet and the only version that seems to be close to shipping is the very expensive paper version. I assume they will also produce a 2018 USB version as well but the order-takers cannot confirm or deny that at this time. A week ago they couldn't even tell me about a paper version for the 2018 Trax.

Having several of the service manuals published by Helm for older cars, I am familiar with examples of their paper service manuals for GM cars. I'm interested in the USB version and what it's like. If anyone has the USB version from Helm (for any car), could you please tell us what it's like using it?

> How are schematics that took up more than one page in the paper manual dealt with in digital (USB) form?

> Can pages from the USB manual be printed and, if they can be printed, how's the quality of the printout? Can the user zoom in on a small area on a manual's page and enlarge that area for printing?

> What are your general opinions of the USB version of the manual? I'm interested in your opinions about things like: ease of finding subject material, ease of reading the manual (clarity, etc.), flipping back and forth between related pages, etc.

Thanks in advance to any responses.

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