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Not sure turbo issues are confined to the Trax...A friend of mine bought a new f150 and had a turbo issue at 35k. I also heard of other failures...I use Mobil 1 exclusively and change it at 5k miles...I do a transmission drain & refill at 25k miles...Not sure what you mean about poor oiling & over heating them....

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Poor oiling I was referring to the oil lubricating the turbo, poor cooling is the water going in and out of the turbo(0n this turbo I do believe all they do is cool the exhaust manifold not the turbo directly like on a Buick Grand National Garrett Turbo.

Integrated Turbocharger And Exhaust Manifold: the 1.4L Turbo Ecotec LUJ/LUV uses a unique, integrated turbocharger and exhaust manifold. The turbocharger size was chosen with an emphasis on low speed torque and throttle response. It requires fewer parts, is lighter than a conventional system, helps lower engine compartment temperatures and helps the engine warm up faster. The turbocharger is lubricated by engine oil and is liquid cooled for long-term reliability.

Read more:

I change my oil and filter on this vehicle when I see the oil getting darker than I would like it to be, usually or at 3K miles, I use Mobil-1 or Pennzoil (both full synthetic)
I have been using regular Pureolator oil filters because that was all I was finding in the parts stores.
Each time I took the filter out I'm noticing it is starting to collapse near the top of it.

I just picked up a better version of the Pureolator, this was the first time I found one in a part store, I usually use the Pureolator Gold on my other cars.

Seems that the Gold filter has been replaced with a new name Pureolator One, same as the gold in price same 99.9% efficiency ( they keep oil cleaner longer I have tested them years ago)

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1.8l - what vehicle has that engine?....
Trax has it. Trax b4 restyle had 4 engines:
1.6l gas
1.8l gas
1.4l Turbo gas
1.7l turbo diesel

The restyle added
1.4l turbo gas B14XFT
and maybe there is(or will be) a version with 1.6l turbo diesel.

Different markets require different engines.

stories about Dawoo they had some terrible engineering
Daewoo had no engineering at all)))
They made Opel copies from the 80s, like Opel Kadett and Opel Ascona.
And they were reliable cars cause they had no engineering at all)))
No engineering - no problem. Overengineering - lots of problems.
I feel old, cause I remember the times when Daewoo Espero(Opel Ascona) were sold new at the dealership)))
Those were cheap cars, but had many oprions and were cheaper in service than the "americans, ""germans", "french" and "italians".

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The easiest way is to get an inline hose adapter, it allows you to tap into a hose rather than having to find a threaded hole in the head.

You can buy one that taps into in a heater, or radiator hose, you cut the hose slide the adapter in then clamp it, then run your sensor in.

Then you have the choice of gauge you want to use, as far as mounting it in the car that is up to the individual, best thing I see now is mounting it on the A pillar.

52mm 2inch Single holes Gauge A-Pillar Meter Dash Pod Mount Holder Black ABS | eBay

Car Motor Black 2" 52mm Blue Digital LED Fahrenheit Water Temp Gauge With Sensor for sale online | eBay
This heat gauge is really nice at a low price
Of course you need to make sure the sizes are correct these are just examples
I checked these links out.
i was wondering what a the hoae adapter looks llike
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