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The 1.4L Turbo

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So like the Encore and Cruze the TRAX will find motivation from a 1.4L force fed turbo 4 cylinder, kicking out the jams to a tune of 138 horsepower and 148 lb-fts. The power number seems sufficient, at least it was in the Turbo Cruze I man handled not long back.

Nota bene that the little 4 does sing a loud song, particularly intrusive on the highways as you feed the throttle toward the floorboard either during passing or drag racing. Were not talking mellifluous either, its coarse and borderline crass. That is highway, in the city the 1.4 was practically dulcet with plenty of mid poke...
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The 1.4L Turbo goes fast on the highway, and the LS is light. The speedometer is digital, would you know the max speed.
I'm no stranger to horse power I like quick cars way too much.

I know the Trax is no speed demon, but I find mine quite lively, it gets the job done and is showing me 30mpg.

The Trax is very similar to the 91 jeep wrangler I had years ago, I was able to park in small parking spots and it was quite lively just like that 6 cyl jeep.

After I get a few more thousand miles on my Trax, I might use a tuner on it to see if I can make the transmission shift a little quicker.

I have plenty of Go I would just like the shifts a little more positive as it is its slow shifting
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