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Top 10 Cheapest Crossovers

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Crossovers are scalding hot right now because people want vehicles with sport utility size and practicality, but with driving dynamics of a car.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get into these jack-of-all-trade vehicles, especially with new sub-compact crossovers coming out like the Honda HR-V and the Mazda CX-3. Unfortunately, pricing information for the small Mazda crossover haven’t been announced, but when it does, you can expect it to be somewhere near the top of this list. Here’s our list that starts at under $23,000 including destination.
Interested in a new crossover? See where the Chevrolet Trax ranks in our list of Top 10 cheapest crossovers
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Great list of the cars in this segment. There are a few options on there that I am interested in -- The Subaru XV Crosstrek, and the HRV and the Chevy Trax.

Have you guys looked into the vehicles on this list?
Now that the HRV is out, it's going to get harder for the Trax to shine which could signal a model refresh whether that be mid-cycle or sooner.
Could be true. I think the development cycle is close to the Cruze/Sonic/Spark...
Didn't they just announce the updates to the Trax for the next model year?

Or are you meaning the next update after that? Perhaps a bigger update?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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