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Transformers will Sell you a TRAX...

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When you think Transformers you think Camaro, well chevy wants to focus on the TRAX instead, in china at least...

Aound the world, General Motors Co. will heavily market the starring role of a yellow Chevrolet Camaro in the next "Transformers" movie. Except in China.

There, the automaker will focus on promoting a compact sport utility vehicle — the Trax — that also will appear in "Transformers: Age of Extinction," a potential blockbuster that Paramount Pictures will release June 27.

The Trax is expected to be a niche vehicle in the U.S., but it's key to the company's strategy in China. The marketing arrangement — the placement of an American car in an American film to target Chinese audiences — is pioneering, product-placement experts said.
The bolded is what I find intriguing. Its long been known that the Chinese are bonkers for anything American. Well how could the TRAX be a smash success in China if it wasn't sold in America as well? If you recall that was the key reasoning behind keeping Buick alive.
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i can even see this same strategy being used in other nations that require smaller cars, it might be almost a rinse wash repeat thing for them
I just don't see how the Trax can really take a starring role in a movie like Transformers. I don't find it to be that thrilling of a vehicle. It will be beside supercars, and muscle cars, and you expect people to take notice of the Trax? Good luck.
I just don't see how the Trax can really take a starring role in a movie like Transformers. I don't find it to be that thrilling of a vehicle. It will be beside supercars, and muscle cars, and you expect people to take notice of the Trax? Good luck.
Considering those vehicles are not available, or scarcely available, yes people will notice it. Especially if they're told to notice it. Ever realize how once you learn a new word it starts to pop up everywhere. Same concept.

Its all in the narrative.
Even if people do take notice because it is right in front of them featured, I think that they will be annoyed that this economy car is in Transformers. Every other car in the movie is an enthusiast vehicle, and then there is the Trax. The whole movie is product placement by design, but even within that context, this seems like really overt product placement. I just question if it will look like it belongs.

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LOL that doesnt make sense. The original transformers cartoon had very average looking vehicles, pickup trucks, dirt bikes, ambulances and the lone Hot Rod (bumblebee) Why would people get annoyed? Its not as if the TRAX just shows up here and there, its an integral chacter to the movie, and GM intends to capitalize on that.

And no the whole movie was not designed around product placement, GM placed their vehicles in the movie (for a fee of course) but it could of just as easily been Ford or Chrysler or Honda.

The picture you post sure makes it look like it belongs.

And you're also completely ignoring that branding in China is night and day to branding in NA. For a country that is just finding its mobility this is a HUGE opportunity. Sure you may call it an economy car but to many in China its cheap cost and ubiquitous availability is a symbol of freedom and mobility...
this is a great way to make the trax seem cool
the downside is we'll see a ton of trax's on the road rebadged with a transformers badge.
I think that the Transformers movie franchise is a far cry from the original cartoon at this point, so I don't think we can look there in order to justify the Trax Transformer.

What you are saying about China branding is a good point though. The Chinese do have a different taste for cars and are coming at the car industry from a much different perspective.

Don't the transformers choose which earth vehicle they would like to disguise themselves as? I'm just wondering which Transformer saw all the cars on earth and decided that it would most want to emulate a Chevy Trax.
You're really not speaking logically, if people were accepting of pedestrian vehicles in the original series, then people willbe accepting of pedestrian vehicles in the new movies. Its a sense of connection, they could use only Ferraris and Lamborghini's but there's no tie to reality, and before you come back and say they're transforming cars, you need the lie (show) to be based in reality or else its written off. Theres a connection that comes from seeing your grocery getter involved in the action.

But fine that's not proof enough for you?

Chevrolet Spark

And I'm sorry that you feel the TRAX to be below your transformers expectations, did you also complain when the TRAX concept was used in the previous movies?

While we're at why don't we start getting uppity about Optimus being an 18 wheeler, I mean that's not an enthusiasts car either if were using that metrics ;)
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I love how they add just about any vehicle of their's that they can to it, making these movies a great marketing platform since just about anyone watches it.
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