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Trax Aftermarket down Pipe

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Does the Aftermarket Down Pipe Help with increase of power from the trax, wondering if anyone has changes there and what brands you have used.
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Aftermarket downpipes do make quite a difference especially on stock turbo vehicles. The only thing is, as you will feel a difference, to get the most potential out of it it'll probably need a tune to get the ecu to work with it better.
can any one that has done an ECU Tune can you tell me what you notice from it, being a new trax I doing want to just tune unless I know what I am tuneing for
Check with guys who have done a sonic turbo or a cruze. probably similar results.
Look on ZZP. They make a lot of 1.4 t after market stuff. Nothing for Trax unfortunately but you can probably get results.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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