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Trax deprecciation

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Went to local dealer looking at a Equanox and seeing what our 2014 LT2 Trax (8000kms) is worth on trade. Holy cow, we were offered $15,000 for a $30,000 employee priced vehicle bought only 14 months ago. We love the Trax and now are forced like it for a lot longer LOL Our sales rep was embarrassed to show us the appraisal. Give me a break, over a 50% depreciation , come on !! No wonder leasing is so popular. Looks like our 12 year old will inherit the 2014 Trax eventually.
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Can't believe it depreciated 50% after just one year. Just keep it and give it to your future 16 year old. It'll hurt less when they inevitably scratch/dent it.
If you really want to sell it you can try listing it yourself. Once you've gotten a quote from the dealership you have a price starting point.
I took my 15 LT to ask about trading it on a Toyota Rav 4, they offered me 18 for a car with 800 miles on it.

I told them where they could stick there Rav4
When we wrote off the 2013 Trax, with 74K km on it, it was worth 18k, if we did not have replacement value on the vehicle that's all we would have gotten. Leasing only looks better because its back end loaded, the vehicle has to be worth what was agreed upon at the beginning of the term. Depending on how long its term was quite a lot would have to be done in order for the dealership to take back the vehicle at that price.
I'm not that surprised. It depreciates a lot, especially once there is a newer version on the market. The other thing to remember is that they offer you a price that allows them to resell it for a profit later. If you sell it directly to someone instead of going through the dealer, you'll be able to get a lot more for it. You can price it between what dealers are selling it for, and what they offered you. It'll be a win-win for you and the person you sell it to.
I bought a 2014 Chevrolet Trax LT in October 2014 with 2,700 km on it for $19,800 which is more than $8,000 less than sticker price.
Ours was in an accident, all airbags deployed, in fact it looked like a parachute school in there with all the white curtains everywhere. A lady came through a stop sign and my stepson plowed into her suv, just a dented door was all she got. We just got a 2015 Trax, fair trade and the best thing was nobody got hurt.
The bumper is the crumple zone so it'll usually look worse there. Good thing nobody was hurt and you got a new trax out of it.
Her insurance rates are going to sky rocket.
We just traded in a 2013 Malibu to get the 2015 Trax.
The Malibu had less than 4K miles on it and was very clean.
At first the dealer offered 13,500 for it.
I went to a Subaru dealer and looked at trading for a Impreza. The Subaru dealer offered 17,500 for the Malibu. In the next couple of days I put money down on the Subaru, Then the Chevy dealer called me back to see when I would like to pick up the Trax. I said that their pricing was out in left field and I had money down on a Subaru that I was going to take delivery on tonight. Suddenly the Malibu was work 18K to them and they knocked another 3K off the price of the Trax. I ended up driving the Trax home that night and had to call the Subaru dealer to cancel the sale.

Going to another Chevy dealer will not get you the best price, all Chevy dealers know what the others are offering, going to a different brand and signing a offer got their attention to the tune of 7500 more in my pocket. It pays to swallow you pride and go shopping.
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How did you get the Chevy dealer to call you back?
The Chevy dealer probably did not get too much sleep that night thinking that by playing lowball, he may have priced himself out of a deal. A deal is a Deal, and they all add up at the end of the year. Not having those marginal sales may mean the difference between keeping the dealership and having the contract renewed for a few more years. Kudos would also have to go to the Subaru dealership for letting you out of that deal and hopefully returning your deposit. I hope you did not tell them why lol
I think its also a good idea to buy very close to the end of the month. Often times an individual sale doesn't matter as much to the salesperson as meeting their monthly quota. In those cases they may actually be willing to take a loss close to the end of the month in order to make quota and get their big bonus. You have leverage.
The depreciation of my 2015 Chevy Trax LS

DUDE...I bought my Trax on January of 2015 for $20,995.00 and according to Kelley Blue Book it's now worth $14,762.00 with only 3,025 miles driven since then. This is sick, I still owe $9,921.00 on the loan.

I just wonder what it's going to be worth by the end of next year. :eek:
You can't go by those guides because they take all the Trax sold at auction, then average them, all you need is one beat up high mile car to bring down the average.

They twist the value in favor of dealers for trade in, just try and buy your car again used then see what you would pay.
You are brilliant "beeguz", I've been doing just that for the past four years and have figured I would spend a lot more buying my car back with my current mileage and in it's current condition (which is in excellent condition).

I went online to look for another Chevrolet Trax LS with around my mileage and I'll have to fork up from $17,000-$18,000 depending on the dealership. I'll keep your advice when I'm ready to get rid of it, which will probably not be any time soon. I love the little guy so much.

On another note, can anyone tell me what fuel you're using on your Trax? I picked three gas stations: BP, Mobil, and Shell, now I'm exclusively going with Shell, however, are you guys using octane 87 unleaded or Premium. I filled-up for the first time with Premium a week ago, and I love the end results.

Does anyone have an opinion about using Premium? Should I be using Premium for the Trax? I mean, it is a 1.4 L4, but it is a Turbo engine of some sorts.

I have experienced a difference in acceleration and maybe 1 or 2 points more towards MPG rating. Premium is more expensive, but if it'll improve performance and give back some in MPG, I'll stick to Premium. I just want to know if anyone who owns a Trax thinks this could harm the vehicle in some way.
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I was using Shell but the station was out of the way and the 93 octane pumps were all unmarked the price was there but I was getting a ping in my corvette when I used it.

I did try high octane in the Trax I thought it was my imagination that it ran a whole bunch better but I did pick up a little fuel miles.

Personally I think it runs great on regular and now I'm using Exxon because they are a top tier fuel, that is what you are suppose to use in corvettes to make them run great and keep the fuel system clean.
Perfect, thank you for your feedback, I just wanted to have someone else's opinion who had used Premium and maybe had formulated some sort of final conclusion as to the differences in the behavior of the vehicle.

I'll stick with Shell for my Trax, and will definitely keep Premium in my tank. I will ask a service center technician on my next service date concerning that issue, as I do not want to break anything, which would void my warranty with them. Overall, I'm content with the Trax's current MPG and acceleration, it beats octane 87 by a long shot, at least in my opinion.
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