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Im on holidays and on my way to the east coast of canada, yesterday left the gas station with full tank and had a 850 km drive. My range was showing around 620 which is my usual range driving in heavy city/highway combination.

Made it 730 KMs before my fuel range gauge glitched out, it said i had over 100 KMs left then out of no where it showed 3 lines and my tank as being empty. my average for those miles was 5.9L/100 KM - unbelievable! Never owned a car this efficent.

After my range meter glitched out, I decided not to risk it and filled up. After filling up, did the math and i still had 8-9L left in the tank. Range showed 805 after fill up and i continued driving another 30 or 40 KMs before the range droped below 805.

Never had a car this fuel efficent before! Oh, and its also modded - ZZP downpipe, ZZP intake, ZZP coil pack and iridium plugs, also tuned by trifecta.

Whats your best fuel milage??
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