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Hello everyone, I purchased my Canadian 2014 Chevy Trax in 2017, and have been very pleased with it so far.
Originally purchased at 75,000km and have now passed 235,000km (±146k miles). I've had some work done under warranty before it expired and very little else than maintenance so far (except that Water Pump Coolant Leak). I replaced the front brakes (for the first time) at my last oil change and will replace the back one at the next.

I tried to do my best to keep it in great shape, and just finished paying it off completely, so I would now like to keep it as long as possible! According to the 2013 Trax Owner's manual, it seems I am now due to drain, flush and fill engine cooling system, replace brake & clutch fluid, and also replace the timing belt/chain. I'm slightly worried that the 2018 Owner's manual says to change the manual transmission fluid every 72,000km (which I have definitely not done).

Should I be worried? What would you suggest?
Did any of you kept your Trax for longer or more mileage?
What is a reasonable expectation for this car to last?

Thank you!

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2013 Owner's manual (above) and 2018 (below)
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