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US TRAX not Until 2015...

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One source is now iterating that we will not see the TRAX in US showrooms until 2015. Now where it gets confusing is are we talking 2015 the year or 2015 the MODEL year.

MODEL year 2015's will be here in August September, I don't have to tell you when 2015 will be with us. Its a difference of several months, can anyone confirm either way?

Chevrolet has introduced Trax in order to match the demand of the small SUVs. They are getting ready to launch the automobile in the United States of America in 2015. It is a small car with strength of SUVs. The importance of Chevrolet Trax has increased due to the trend of removing mid-sized sedans with the small SUVs in the market. It has been packed with innovative technologies to match the requirement of the market.
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has to be happening early 2015, hopefully before the first quarter is out, weird how it's that far apart
I am pretty sure that this means the calendar year of 2015. If it was coming out in August or September I would expect to have heard more about it at this point. I'm not even sure if it would be early 2015 or more like mid 2015 when it eventually comes out.
Not sure, this has been the first source I've seen to actually put a time frame on arrival. However CNET said shortly after announcement it would be here for end of year 2014...

No pricing or specific availability is known just yet, except that we should expect to see this car in Chevy dealers by the end of the year.
Going with early 2015, some of the biggest auto shows are around then so chances are we'll see some big announcements once it's ready to hit the road
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