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USB Cable Slot

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Has anyone seen a mod or have better way of running the cable out of the upper glove box? We purchased a 2015 LTZ about a month ago for my wife and she loves every bit of it, except that there is not a slot for the USB to come out of the glove box.
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Pieces like that usually go in all one piece units it is possible its just pushed into place without screws.

look for screws on the sides or bottom if nothing is seen try using a tiny straight blade screwdriver to lift it slightly then maybe you can modify it to your needs.
Couldn't you just take a dremel and add a cable slot to the door?
There must be room to drill a hole from the inside out somewhere on the bottom or left side. Then keep that cable always plugged into the usb with glove box closed. Leaving the device plug in always at the ready.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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