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I have a Samsung s4 and i can't figure out how to be able to hit the callinh button on the stering wheel to prompt a voice comand to make a phone call. When i hit the button it just brings up the phone book option then you have to scroll through. Can anyone please help!

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There's a section about this in the owner's manual.

Bluetooth (Voice
Using Voice Recognition
To use voice recognition, press b /
g on the steering wheel. Use the
commands below for the various
voice features. For additional
information, say "Help" while you
are in a voice recognition menu.
Making a Call
Calls can be made using the
following commands.
Dial or Call : The dial or call
command can be used
interchangeably to dial a phone
number or a stored name tag.
Digit Dial : This command allows a
phone number to be dialed by
entering the digits one at a time.
Re-dial : This command is used to
dial the last number used on the cell
Using the “Dial” or “Call”
1. Press b / g. The system
responds “Ready,” followed by
a tone.
2. Say “Dial” or “Call.”
3. Say the entire number without
pausing or say the name tag.
Once connected, the person called
will be heard through the audio

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Thank you, i was able to fiqure it out it was my phone not conecting the voice recognition to the car. I had to set up
s -voice on the phone for it to work correctly. Had my car for 3 weeks now and absolutely love it! My first new car and so loving all the gadgets.
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