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13 months ago I had to completely replace the radiator on my 2016 Trax LTZ. I bought it new from the dealer, actually waited 6 weeks for it to come in and got it right off the car carrier. I have always only taken it to the same dealership for all service and maintenance. When they replaced the radiator it had about 63000 miles on it. I was furious, and as a lifelong chevy girl coming from a chevy family, I explained how I had no intention of buying another chevy and within the next 4 years had 3 more cars to purchase. After over an hour with the service manager, much of which was simply getting to know each other and how massively this affected me, he agreed to cover the entire repair. Looking back, of course they should have paid for the entire thing!
Now I have to go in because at 75000 miles, actually just under, the water pump has broken and is leaking everywhere. No lights came on, no warning, just massive puddles under the car.
It has always run HOT, from the first week I had it.
Service has even told me the vehicle is known to run hot.
I bought this car to drive for 3 or 4 years then give to my daughter, and had planned to buy another for my next daughter, but not now! Now I have to figure out how to cover this massive expanse I am told is over $1000!!!! Once I have it paid off, I'm trading it in and it will not be for another Trax or chevy. I'm done being burned, literally by this car.
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