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What did you Pay for your 2015 Trax?

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Looking for what owners here ended up paying for their Trax out the door (OTD).
I'm in the market for an LTZ FWD Trax, keeping it basic as the only thing i'm adding is the optional powered sunroof, all amounting to a total MSRP of $27,800

For anyone that needs to build & configure their future Trax, access the configurator through this link:
--> Build Your 2015 Trax

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This is the model that I have, with the sunroof, and mine was closer to $30K. But I live in Canada.
Do you think that you'll be able to get a better price talking to the dealer instead of just going off of what the online configurator tells you?
Oh yeah, much better price. Especially when things start to slow a bit. If you wait a while in the next 6 months, I think, you will be able to do some very competitive negotiating with dealers.
Now is the time to buy the 16's are hitting the lots, saw one last week, there was no difference in the car that I could see.
The only way that you are going to get a 2015 Trax the way you want it is to find a dealership that already has it. The last orders for 2015 models went in April 2015, so only 2016's are getting built right now. An LTZ model will be very hard to find as we asked when we were looking for ours but the only one that we could have was located about 450km from us and did not have the AWD which we wanted.
If your local dealer has it in stock, maybe you can bargain with them for a lower price since the 2016 Trax is coming out. Most dealerships try to clear out their older models but you probably won't get your choice of trim.
Might even be possible to get a discount with them clearing out 2015's for 2016, but depending on what improvements could come for 2016 it might be worth just waiting for 2016 models.

I just got a Blue 2015 LT for $19,125 out the door in Minnesota, love it so far, seems like a great vehicle for the price.:cool:
Just leased an LS AWD... $696 down and $115 per month. 24 months / 12k miles per year. The few options I wanted in an LT are not worth it to us to get a LT or LTZ. (Or even a buick Encore for that matter).

We will see how we like it and go from there. Really wanted a larger AWD SUV, but need to save some money right now.
What I paid for my Trax on January 2015

I got my silver LS back in January for $20,995.00, with a down-payment of $6,000.00 for $178.79 a month with a 2.9% interest rate. I wish the interest rate was a bit lower though, like maybe 1.69%.


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GM has a program here, that when a demo/courtesy unit has 3k miles, it can be sold with full warranty at a discount. Our '15 LT came to $17,600 out the door with 2,200 miles showing last November.>:D
BTW, the salesman couldn't wait for the car to reach 3K, so he pulled some strings and made the deal early. >:D
In Feb. 2016 I purchased a new 2015 LT AWD that included a sunroof and BOSE upgrade (LT Sun and Sound Package) for $21,700.00 USD. That was out-the-door, including WA State sales tax, title, plates, and registration. I bought the car at Good Chevrolet in Renton, WA, USA. Except for a wonky OnStar module that the dealer replaced under warranty the car has behaved very nicely.

It seemed like a good price. Any feedback from other forum members?
2016 Trax LTZ
$17,940 US dollars
May 24, 2016
Ensenada, Baja Calif. Mx.
2016 Trax LTZ
$17,940 US dollars
May 24, 2016
Ensenada, Baja Calif. Mx.
actually the price is in Pesos: $330,100.
that is the May price, normally it is $360,100 pesos... but one year of full coverage Mexico and US insurance is included in the base price.
I got a great exchange for my dollars at 18.4

we do not have an option list here, it is what the dealers have in their lots... backup camera and AWD is not available or I would have got both. Sunroof is included in our base LTZ
We found the colors we wanted, Gris Oxford exterior, *****/Café interior.

I take delivery today after they get the onstar programed and have it all cleaned up and prepped, and the title documents.
license plates will be 1% of the sales price but I get a 50% senior discount.
I paid $5K and my, 2008 Colorado regular cab 4wd for a red LT AWD.
$14489.00 Canadian sounds like an amazingly good deal for a 2015 Chevy Trax. Or is that normal now that we're in 2017?
Its a 2016 LS with manual Transmission and Air Conditioning. GM has a 5500 rebate and I got another 1000 rebate through GM for the safety recalls on the Saturn that they never did in spite of us chasing them for six years.
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