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Window and Light tinting

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my Trax was not tinted when I bought it so I bought a pre-cut set of window tints off of eBay and it looks awesome. And I also put a green iridescent film over my head lights and backup lights and it adds a little individuality to the car so you can see it in a parking lot of white cars. Let me know what you think? Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle Bumper
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle Bumper


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That front window tint is illegal here but looks nice. As far as the light tints I think would look good if your Trax wasn't white.
Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. I think your Trax looks pretty cool with the tinted windows and iridescent film over the headlights and backup lights. It adds individuality to your car and makes it stand out in a parking lot. I've never seen anyone do that before, and I think it's a great way to personalize your ride. Thanks for sharing!
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