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The headliner was fine until Monday when I had the windshield replaced because it cracked about 2 feet.
Now the headliner is a bit saggy and looks like it wasn't tucked in properly.
I went back to the place and the windshield guy said,
"We didn't touch the headliner."
I am certain it was tucked under nicely. Now the edges are raw and you can pull it down if you want.
Am I nuts? (Don't answer that!)
There is a curve in the headliner where it "looks" like it should be tucked under leaving a nice smooth look.
I can live with it but it looks so untidy.
Is this worth fighting for in small claims court? Do I have a case?
Thank you for any advice you can give me.

One more thing...the roof drip molding piece is gone. He says it was gone when I brought it in. He said the wind blows them off. I'm pretty sure it was there when I took it in. Ebay has the part for around $17.

Here is the piece I need:

It goes here:
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